Preventative Maintenance


Why Preventative Maintenance Is So Important

Everyday we get more and more powersports equipment in for repairs and there is one thing that almost all of these repairs have in common - they could have been prevented with routine maintenance.

Forgetting to get that oil leak repaired and your engine blows from lack of lubrication. Don’t adjust your chain/drive belt and it snaps in half due to improper tension and in the process tears apart the body work surrounding it.
Ignore that squeak from your suspension and find out later that your frame is wallowed out where the A-arm mounts due to worn out bushings.

You’ll get to those leaking fork seals next time but there might not be a next time because your brake pads are soaked in fork oil that’s been leaking for weeks and has now absorbed into your brake pads causing them to work at 50% of their intended stopping power.

Did you enjoy your jet ski all summer and neglect to have it winterized for storage. Then you go to change your spark plugs come May and you spark plug breaks off in the head due to it seizing from corrosion. Now you’ve gone from replacing a $5 spark plug to needing to remove the head from the engine to properly extract the broken plug, as well as needing all new gaskets for the parts that had to be removed.

Powersports equipment is like anything else, if you take care of it, it will take care of you. By bringing your unit in for routine maintenance you can prevent problems like these from happening so you can spend more time enjoying your toys and less time and money fixing them.

We offer a variety of levels of our own preset services, some are relatively “basic” and others are much more in-depth but the items we go over in all of the different services can save you money in the long run and keep you from being stranded in the desert or floating in the middle of the lake. Our Level 1 service will cover the most important parts of your machine to make sure that it is both safe and reliable. We may find your tires are not set at the recommended pressure and by setting it correctly maximize the mileage you are able to get out of the tires.

Level 2 services will take the basic components we check on Level 1 and expand on it further and get a little deeper into the unit. On a UTV this service includes a clutch and drive belt inspection. During a clutch and drive belt inspection it is common to find that the moving plastic components in the clutch may no longer round and are about to ruin the metal surface of the clutch. The parts to fix it at this point may be less than $50 but had it gone unchecked a new clutch averages around $500 each!

A Summer Prep for watercraft might seem unnecessary since you haven’t used it since last summer and it just sat in the garage until now so what could have possibly gone wrong? Contrary to what a lot of people think, sitting is the worst thing for powersports equipment. When they sit nothing moves, oil seals dry out, bearings seize, and gas goes bad and clogs the fuel system. The analogy I always like to give is that if a person is in a coma, then wakes up they are not going to just jump up and run a marathon. Their body would need some restoration and repairs to get back up to proper running condition and a jetski is no different. A summer prep allows us to go through the unit to make sure that everything is in proper running condition. We go a step further by offering lake tests so we can make sure that when you take your watercraft out you won’t be waving at stranger to pull you back to shore.

Pro Motorsports AZ will also perform specific inspections or maintenance by request - so if you have specific areas you want addressed but don’t need your oil changed at that moment, we will adjust our pricing accordingly.

Most repair shops see dollar bill signs when customers bring in broken & damaged units; we are not most shops. We want your motorcycle, jet ski, atv, utv or dirtbike to be kept in the best condition possible so you can enjoy it. We also would rather see you use that money to upgrade your ride to make it even better!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you found the information useful. Please feel free to call or stop in anytime if you have any questions regarding the services we offer or the recommended services from the manufacturers.

- Clayton Henley, General Manager

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