CV Boot Replacement

What is the fastest way to destroy an axle? Bust a boot, lose the grease and let dirt in. For most riders there is nothing you can do till you can get your rig back to a shop and by then the damage can already be substantial.

Quick boots and similar items have been around for several years, allowing you to do the repair your damaged boot yourself but the systems were still difficult and, lets face it, was easier to take it to the shop.

QuadBoss has change all that with their new all-in-one boot replacement kit. These kits can be purchased at Pro Motorsports AZ and provide you with the piece of mind you need to enjoy your ride.

The system is easy to use and in expensive to own. Each kit comes with a new boot, clamps, grease pouch and the install tool. Using some basic hand tools that we should all be carrying on the trail, you can replace your damaged boot within a few minutes. This video from QuadBoss demonstrates how easy it is to repair your busted boot on the trail.

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