​Battery Maintenance

Battery Maintenance

We take our batteries for granted until we can’t get our bikes to start. This headache is exacerbated by short rides that don’t allow proper recharging, and heat from sitting in the intense sun. When you start your machine the initial drain on the battery is substantial. Power lost on startup is replaced at differing rates based on your charging systems output. Similarly, heat will drain a battery and eventually cause it to fail. Proper charging and power level maintenance will keep your battery where it needs to be.

An excellent maintenance item would be a Battery Tender. Pro-Motorsports keeps various models available starting at $39.95. These devices maintain the charge in your battery by charging at a low amperage rate when your battery drops below a voltage threshold and turn off when a proper level has been reached. This tender is very different from a battery charger.

Battery chargers use higher amperage and are intended to bring a battery that is discharged or dead back to a usable level. Typically they use 3 amps or more to achieve this. At the end of the cycle most chargers do shut down to prevent over charging.

The differences between the two types of chargers make a tremendous difference in the overall life of your battery. Pro-Motorsports offers several models of these combination charger/maintainer starting at $38.50. A combo unit takes the guesswork out of charging. Both the charger and maintainer should be a tool in your box for keeping you on the road.

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